Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hello!  Welcome to my blog and my inaugural post.  I am so excited to finally be getting started!! 

My name is Bethany and I am a foodiva -- I love food and I love using it as medium to express my art.  I appreciate food as art that we require to survive, as a tool to tap all our senses: taste, sight, smell, hearing, and touch.  I desire to create food that communicates my passion for beauty and satiates my family's need for tasty treats and healthful choices.  When I find the sweet spot between these demands, I have truly achieved something worth sharing!

My love for art of all kinds will seep into this blog, as well.  I strive to develop my artistic tendencies, despite a very uncreative day job.  As I blog my artistic journey, I look forward to both inspiring and being inspired. Photography, painting, cooking, writing, dancing . . .they all have their place in my heart and will have their moments in this blog.  So here I am, my friends and fellow artists: The Dancing Foodiva. 

Seeking art in the everyday.

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