Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Smoothie Quest 2012: Round 1

I've never been one for overly sweet treats; for example, I've always preferred dark chocolate, tangy cherries, and almost unripened bananas over the alternatives.  (As you will see throughout this blog, my aversion to anything overly fruity or sugary also stems from a family history of diabetes . . . truuuuust me, not something I want to continue!)  That said, it's a bit of a challenge when these dog days of summer demand something cool, refreshing .  . . and definitely sweet.  So, on a quest to find a refreshing treat for my family that doesn't send our blood sugars soaring, I finally pulled down the VitaMix.  This summer I am determined to discover the perfect, delicious, not-too-sweet summer treat.  Thus begins:

Smoothie Quest 2012!!!

My favorite smoothie discovery yet, and it was nothing more than a dump of use-it-or-lose-it produce into my beloved VitaMix.   You might call it chance; I call it "Pretty n' Pink" ;)

Pretty n' Pink Smoothie
2 1" slices of pineapple (core included if you have a VitaMix)
10 strawberries (stems included, again if you have a VitaMix)
One head of red leaf lettuce (I got this amazing delivery of red leaf lettuce from my CSA last week)
1/4 head of broccoli (or more if you love broccoli . . . honestly, I was adding it in for the nutrition. haha)

Seriously, it was delicious.  My husband is a total fan of veggie smoothies -- and to me, they always look smell, and taste like D-I-R-T.  Between the pineapple and strawberries here though, there is just enough sweetness and just enough color to brighten up this smoothie and make it the first blog-worthy success of Smoothie Quest 2012.  TRY IT!  And then come back and let me know what you think.

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