Friday, August 3, 2012

Smoothie Quest 2012: Round 3

This week has been full of party planning (don't worry, definitely showing that Herculean effort off soooon!) but I had to take a moment to share my hands down, most favorite smoothie yet. 

one handful green grapes
1/4 carton raspberries (about 10)
10 strawberries
handful blueberries
one over ripe banana
1/3 cucumber, cut in small chunks
1 large handful clover sprouts

Pause: I'm sure this would have been delicious on it's own.  On a whim, however, I opened up my freezer and added:

1 large handful of unsalted mixed nuts

The result?????  Fruity, not too sweet, peanutty, lavendar-colored goodness.  INCREDIBLE.  My new favorite.  The nutty note in the smoothy definitely keeps it from raising your blood sugars and adds in a helpful blast of protein.  The berries deliver al lthe antioxidants I need to help me fight this yucky, not-needed head cold.  I'm in smoothie heaven!

I call it Nutty Lavendar.  :)

Enjoy, fellow foodivas!

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