Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chef's Block and a Cure

Hello blog world! I am sure I have lost all followers after almost six months of blog silence, but I think I am ready to start again. First, i think i started too much at once . . . On the heels of opening this blog, i also started a creative party planning endeavor AND a creative photography project. Just a bit over zealous, don't you think??? Though both are fun efforts, I got so overwhelmed that I lost my culinary creativity . . . . By the holidays, I was suffering from the culinary version of writer's block-chef's block, as I say. I didn't even cook or bake for Christmas! (sigh)

However, a random Facebook post and the associated blog about dealing with food allergies (THEEVERYTHINGFREEMOMMY.BLOGSPOT.COM) suddenly inspired me to FINALLY do what I've been meaning to for ages . . . . 30 days wheat free!

You may be wondering why I am actually excited about this. (I so am!) Much of it has to do with anticipated results, since I am 80% sure I am indeed allergic to wheat. For someone with the allergy, benefits of cutting it out of your diet include less bloating, increased immunity, and increased weight loss, and decreased joint pain, headaches, and acne (which mysteriously showed up when I turned 30). Aside from all that, I am honestly thrilled at the challenge it presents in the kitchen. I believe the previous food blog posts on here were already wheat free, but I have NOT been holding true to that. Not in the least. Plus, making a cake or delicious burger are easy when you can use bread and flour!

So thus begins a new foray into healthy eating AND healthy cooking. I am intrigued, challenged, excited ..... Here I go!

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